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Three photographic tableaux, each with their own theme consist of photographs from the CastCollection in MOCA, Museum of Classical Archaeology, Cambridge, UK supplemented with photos from other museums, everyday snapshots and fabric with print.
The themes are inspired by the inherent properties and expressions of sculptures. Reference is made to the physical appearance of plaster sculptures: their missing parts replaced by stabilizing props and imitation objects, their visible necessary imprints when assembling parts elements, their movement.
The photographic collages are set up on shelves as pedestals.

Mind The Gap. Draping and Joints
Mind The Gap. Supporting and Stabilizing
Mind The Gap. Move and Run

These works are part of the the exhibition RefeR by the Artists' Association Guirlanden

‘The idea of contemporary artists drawing attention to the ancient sculptures, as highly interesting objects in their own right and to the layered history of cultural values they
represent, is to actualize the heritage of ancient art. A heritage that characterizes and influences our culture to a degree, in terms and in ways we are not always aware of.

The concept of Guirlanden´s exhibition according to these ideas integrates contemporary works of art in the classic collection of ancient art. Each contemporary art work referring to a specific object or some objects in the collection.’ (MOCA)

Other participating artists: 
Jørgen Mikael Andersen, Kim T. Grønborg, Maja Ingerslev, Kamilla Jørgensen, Max Parylewicz, Anne Marie Pedersen, Bodil Sohn, Mariko Wada, Iben West & Anders Gammelgaard Nielsen

Thanks for support:
The City of Aarhus

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