Eyesound (translation)

Eyesound is an artistic playfully exchange between contemporary photography and literature. Texts of four Icelandic writers are put together with photos of the Icelandic daily life and landscapes photographed by visual artists Iben West and Else Ploug Isaksen.

The exhibition Eyesound shows a continuous flow and narration in text and images.

The photographs are combineed two and two - one of each artist. The photographs should not be seen as illustrations to the words, and the texts are not explanations of the photographs. It is a conversation. The texts and the pictures support each other / or work against each other.
The authors, who were invited to the project by Iben West and Else Ploug Isaksen, initially received two photographs – composed of one from each of the artists. The authors answered back with shorter pieces of texts, and the artists responded with new sets of photographs and vice versa.
A large part of the exchange took place during a residency stay in Akureyri, August 2017 in the Northern Iceland. During their stay, the artists photographed and edited the photographs and related to the texts they received from the authors – approx. ten dialogue shifts from each of the authors.

The book Augnhljóð / Øjenlyd / Eyesound:
The book is published in connection with the exhibition in The Photogallery - Þjóðminjasafn Íslands, The Nationalmuseum of Iceland
152 pages, size: 16x26 cm, edition 500, print: Narayana Press, Denmark
The book is published at Arkhest, Denmark and is available in both Iceland and Denmark.
Translation: Kim Lembek, Erik Skyum-Nielsen, Hallgrimur Helgason, Phillip Shils and Sarah Brownsberger.

Copyright © 2020 Else Ploug Isaksen

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