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Echo, Guirlanden, Aarhus Kunstbygning 2011
Echo exercises for two drawers by Anette Højlund and Else Ploug Isaksen

Anette Højlund and Else Ploug Isaksen have jointly elaborated and drawn up five exercises/tasks to challenge each other. The echo exercises are such as a copying and a study of the other persons drawing, a reflection and a stylization of one another’s drawings or drawings are exchanged and adapted where for example colour or drawing tools are used and these drawings are made within an appointed space of time.
80 drawings were shown at the exhibition.

Echo drawing exercises for two persons

ECHO 1: Draw a drawing. Post it to the other person. The other person copies the drawing and at the same time interprets it, comments on it or analyses it.

ECHO 2: Draw a flower after your own free choice in a garden in Valby. Give the drawing to the other person. The other person draws a mirror image of it and stylizes, regulates or paraphrases it.

ECHO 3: Sit opposite each other. Divide two big pieces of paper into smaller squares with a pencil. Draw on either piece a drawing in one or more squares. On beforehand you make an agreement about precepts for each individual piece of paper: how many squares you can draw in, how many minutes you can draw etc. Only use red markers. The drawing is finished when all the squares are filled out, and the persons drawing agree on the fact that the drawing is finished.

ECHO 4: Sit as a model for each other. One person draws the other person’s nose, as half profile one way and then the other way. Place the noses in the centre of the paper, not too close to each other. After that you switch and repeat. Now you draw two faces around the noses on the other person’s drawing. The other person does the same on your drawing. You repeat the process by drawing eyes, ears, mouths, hair and glasses.

ECHO 5: Choose an amount of colour pencils and a paper with a format which both drawers like. Draw on either piece of paper for some minutes. You agree on for how long, e.g. three minutes. Swop drawings and continue drawing. Perhaps you can try to irritate the other person by spoiling what the other person just drew. A drawing is finished when one of the drawers insists that it is finished. Begin new drawings currently.

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